Saturday, May 23, 2009

Homosexuality is Preventable!

Recently came across this very interesting yet bold book regarding homosexuality:

A Parent's Guide to Preventing Homosexuality by Dr Joseph Nicolosi

In the book it describes how boys have additional developmental task of dis-identifying with their mother and identifying with their father. Gender identity phase begins at 15 to 18 months and is established by 3 years. When the gender identity of masculinity is not formed, homosexuality develops. Homosexuality is an eroticised fantasy attempt in connecting with masculinity, if a child internalised masculine identity when growing up, he will not look for it in such a way but ratehr look towards the opposite sex.

Researches have found the developmental root of homosexuality lies in the classic triadic relationship: distant & detached father, the overinvolved & domineering mother, and the temperamentally sensitive, emotionally attuned boy. To break this, its a matter of dads getting involved & intrude in order to build a bond and moms backing off.

The 3 "A"s behind homosexuality is:

Attention, Affection and Approval.

Homosexuality is not about sex but its about emotional needs, wanting to bond, not knowing how to make that connection.

Father-son bonding is needed, however, never shame a child out of a certain kind of behavior.

Mothers make boys, fathers make need a father figure to facilitate the transition out of the feminine sphere of the mother. The male figure needs to be a salient one who takes a personal interest in the boy - mentoring. The boy needs to feel specially chosen.

Homosexuality is not a phase! It can be, RISE UP and play your part in getting involved!!


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