Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Role is Bigger Than Providing

The myopic focus of a secured and established lifestyle has become the OCD of men. Our roles are much greater than to make sure we provide for our family a comfortable life. However, due to our nature of being very focused in what we do and a problem solver able only to handle them one at a time, we are locked in this one compartment determined to make sure this is done before moving on. This in my opinion is the great determinant of how strong the family is.

One one denies that a Father's duty is much more than simply providing for the family. It encompasses spending time with spouse, bringing up our children, head of the household. Yet, we are overwhelmingly focused on only one aspect of this and are trapped in it.

Lets learn a lesson from the life of the most successful man I know...King David the first king of Israel. He amassed treasures beyond measure, yet, his family is a mess. He had a superb successor in his son Solomon whom history states to be one of the richest kings on earth. Too many only see this and did not notice his failure as a father. He have two sons Absalom and Adonijah who both tried to dethrone him. Both shown signs of the King being too busy to bother to interfere with whatever they want to simple terms, they grew up as spoilt brats.

Lesson to learn...

  • Building up affluence does nothing to build a strong family and might do great detriment to the next generation
  • Do not be too myopic in looking at our responsibilities and look in totality the responsibility of a father.
Dear fathers,in this father's day, reflect and thread carefully.

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