Friday, June 15, 2012

A New Beginning

From here on, this will become my airing ground for some of the concepts that I am now struggling with and would welcome loads of ideas and talk.

I finally gave in to letting my daughter stop her abacus. Simply put, there is now not much benefit to it and her attitude has somewhat changed towards putting in the hard work. The lesson on perseverance has partially been learnt. That brought me to my point for the day...I am too much a perfectionist.

I was looking for lesson learnt and learnt well to last a lifetime. That's a tad too high an expectation isn't it? Realizing this, I simply milked the situation for all its worth and gave her a good talk on the value of working at something with all you have even though it is not something you like. Asking her to store it up for future reference and celebrate!

That left me with one unresolved issue...Chinese. She is super lacking in chinese language exposure and this is not resolved by spending time at abacus with the chinese speaking teacher. I think she is somewhat better at listening for instructions but weak at speaking and writing. Can't have one stone killing so many birds.

Right now that is still a challenge and with that lies the challenge of getting her to embark on the learning journey without killing her joy of learning.

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